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Am I Naive For Wanting Something Better

That line haunts me. It comes from the song is “Transform.” Isabella Bunny Bennett, from the band Steam Powered Giraffe, wrote it about her trans experience.

That line strikes a chord with my heart.

“Am I naive for wanting something better.”

What Bunny does so well in this song is to send a message that we can understand. I feel this way as a queer person.

I remember what it was like before I came out. I never thought I could live my life as a non-binary person. It was just a dream for a while. I didn’t think people would understand or accept me that way.

Then one day, I attended a Gaymer convention. I thought this is my chance to try. So, yeah, I went to a meetup for non-binary people. It was at the convention. It was the first time I met people like me. I was so nervous. I don’t think that I came across the way that I wanted. But it is okay. What is most important was that after that experience that I wanted to be out so badly.

A small taste of freedom was all it took.

I’ve even started using my preferred name Suzza at work and in other places. It feels really good.


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