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How I became the lime green sheep of my family. *bah*

My father re-married during the ’90s. I was living with them in Los AngelesMy father re-married during the ’90s. I was living with them in Los Angeles. Marrying my step-mom came with some baggage. Suddenly, I had a new uncle and aunt along with their children. Now my step-cousins.

I had met the brother of my step-mom and his family. I got along with his daughter. So she spent the night at my house before the wedding.

We had the following conversation years later.

II explained to her that I was the gray sheep of my family. I was an overachiever who always got good grades in school. I was an underachiever because I never lived up to my full potential. I never became all the great things my family expected from me because of my promise.

She said to me, “you aren’t the gray sheep. You are a lime green sheep.”

What is a lime green sheep? Well, it is the sheep who is nothing like its family. That is what she had seen in me all those years ago. I don’t take after either parent. I am my own person. Because I was a latch key kid, I was left alone most of the time. I escaped through books, writing, and mathematics. I raised myself.

I am proud of myself and the person that I’ve become. My family doesn’t understand me. That is okay. I only ask of them that they accept me as I am. We’ve grown closer over the years and can now count them among my system of support. It wasn’t always that way.


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